From Here

I'll ask you, I'll ask

I'll ask you, what we doin now?

I'll ask you, I'll ask

I gotta know, where we goin now?

You got me lost in the moment now

Got my brain spinnin, head flippin

You got me lost in the moment now

I thought I had it figured out


(I) don't know where to go

(I) don't know where to go from here

(I) don't know where to go

(I) don't know where we go from here



I've been thinkin bout a lot

I've been thinkin bout it all alone

It was dark swimming in my thoughts

Then they turned into some dope songs

Now we're drivin from the city lights

We just wanna get away

Chasin sleep till we're chasin flights

Cause we're just livin for today


(I) don't know where to go

(I) don't know where to go from here

(I) don't know where to go

(I) don't know where we go from here





i'm not looking for acquaintances, i'm stickin with the fam

i'm not talkin bout my status, no, i ain't talkin bout the glam

i'm not lookin for appearances, man we know who we are

intergalactic state of mind, cause we're aimin for the stars


intergalactic state of mind

intergalactic state, state

intergalactic state of mind

intergalactic lactic, lactic



i don't know why we hold ourselves back from everything we could accomplish

we dream while they scheme about what we believe in, i'm just bein honest

don't live in the box that they put you in, make sure you're livin with comets

remember your vision then move with precision, what they say is toxic

they just want reactions

don't give into the pressure

live through your passions

don't ever settle for lesser


intergalactic state of mind

intergalactic state, state

intergalactic state of mind

intergalactic lactic, lactic



though the dark surrounds

and we can never hear a sound

we're floating through the great unknown

it's never gonna bring us home

seconds are fading in

the space we're wading in

we're chasing galaxies that will be our reality


intergalactic state of mind

intergalactic state, state

intergalactic state of mind

intergalactic lactic, lactic


Let Me Down

don't let me down


i heard you're good at playin games

don't be messin with me now

don't let me down

i got your picture in a frame

girl you're turnin me around

you got me lookin forward to the weekend

or am i feelin upside down?

i only really smile when we're speakin

but when i need you, are you gonna come around?


don't let me down

(chopped x8)


if i'm the only one, i can roll with that

yeah i can roll with that, i can roll with that

but if you mess around, imma take it back

yeah imma take it back, imma take it back

let's travel 'round the world, put us on the map

i'll put us on the map, put us on the map

cause i just want your heart like a double tap

like a double tap, like a double tap


don't let me down

(chopped x8)



woah, where'd you come from?

i'm starting to get scared that i've become some-

thing i don't like i cannot run from

so i write these lyrics and then i make them a conundrum

this isn't who i am, this is not me

my brain spins, i just wanna see my prophecy

inner terrors bring me back to anxiety

i got a Savior though, i don't need psychiatry

spiritual war, this is rivalry

you won't be stealing the show, this isn't piracy

i talk to You every day, You won't say hi to me

why don't you leave me alone, i need some privacy

to the side of me, a Book on my desk

i need to read it more, i feel it in my chest

i honestly don't really care to be the best

i just need to get this message out and pray You'll do the rest

emotional music, just venting on the mic

devotional music, just wanna get it right

it's been three months since i could sleep at night

but i still wake up, man i can see the light

and they say: hello, hello, where you been?

i say: hello, hello, i don't know man

hello, hello, where you been?

i say: hello, hello, i don't know man

i've been in my own head

i've been in my own head

i've been dancing in my own debt

why do i feel dead?

the darkness is my friend - no it's not


the darkness is my friend

no it's not

yes it is



Unquenchable - 8/7/15

are we gonna push it till it's too late to save us?

i don't really know

the devil's trying to deface us

with these evil flows

God embrace us, don't erase us

we deserve it though, we deserve it cause

we're too selfish to think about anyone else for a second

man i don't think that we understand

this could actually be the beginning of the end

the only time we connect is when we press send

the only time we reflect is when it's relevant

everybody want it all, so they tweet about it

fame, money, sex, drugs, so they tweet about it

only believe in trends so they can tweet about it

"i don't have friends" - that's cause all you do is tweet about it

the question is: who are you without it?

too busy getting followers and trying to ball

too busy making girls feel too short, too tall, too big, too small

mental stability falls and now they throw up in the stall

man i hate it, i hate it. now i really need You

i always have but i've failed when i tried to reach You

You're always here, but i fear when i do not need to

i'm reaching higher, elevating like it's machu picchu

all the fakes are see through i can only see You

this ain't voodoo, this is bigger than vacays in Honolulu

not a guru just a kid who grew up

too afraid when they said to just "do you"


we're unquenchable, we are so unquenchable

all we need is You, but we're searching for materials

tryin to get away from the love

let's believe in someone greater, someone above

No Label - EP

1| Nonstop


Nonstop, we killin’ it, we killin’ it
Nonstop, we ill in this, we ill in this

Nonstop, we killin’ it, we killin’ it



(Verse 1)

Yo, I thought I told you this already

What I do is art, I’m like the Getty

The way I murder the beat, it’s like I’m Freddy

You stutter on sight, Buh-buh-buh Benny and the Jetties

Ooooohhhhh I’m even whiter than you thought huh?

And you a fire fighter on my verse huh?

I hate to break it to you I ain’t goin’ out

We only gettin’ bigger man and I ain’t got a doubt

I’m Gwen Stefani on the track, yo hollaback

Girl you know I spit real that’s a fact

As in what I say is true, no fake stats

I’m ahead of the time, you MySpace chat

Lean back in my Maybach

I’m playin’ cause I really got a Camry

Always rock a hat, Tom Landry

I’m fresh off the market you just an antique

Sweeter than candy, I’m a pop rock

Makin this new ish, people gon’ talk

Probably online, they In-ter-net stalk

I am a leader, you a sheep in the flock

Said I’m a leader you a sheep in the flock

And we goin’ nonstop, all you gonna do is talk




(Verse 2) 

You ain’t feelin’ my flow? Fish outta water

Like a snake, I’m slitherin, I-ain’t-no-Harry-Potter

You ain’t ever heard a line like that

You’re lucky I don’t ever speak my mind like that

Throwin’ more shade than a baseball cap

And you call yourself a friend but I don’t play like that

So I’mma keep my distance, man on a mission

I got a vision and my words are like my ammunition

Spittin’ vicious, so delicious

Healthy verse, tell your nurse, I am so nutritious

And go and tell your friends if you feelin’ judicious

We makin’ hits you makin’ misses keep it clean I do the dishes

I ain’t fishin for compliments I ain’t fishin for women

Take a break in the lake while we goin swimmin

Hit the brakes on your fake, yeah I really doubt it

We did it independent whatchu gon’ do about it?

2| life's like (feat. peyton mcmahon)

(Verse 1)

Feelin’ like a stranger to yourself

Hey I know that feeling

Workin’ hard for trophies on the shelf

Hey I know that feeling

World spins fast, slow down please I need help

Man I know that feeling

You won’t get last, I promise you’ll be Phelps

Man I know that feeling

You just wanna go fast, so don’t slow down man time will pass

No time to waste, foot on the gas

Don’t let em pass, break through the glass like

You’re Willy Wonka, Imma stay right on track like Tonka

It’s black and white, no Casa Blanca

You’ll hear my voice all the way to Sri Lanka



You’re not the only person here tonight

That struggles every day to just fight

Find it deep inside, find the light

And wave it left right, left right


(Chorus - McMahon)

Hey life’s like, taking flight

Won’t stop till we die

We’re taking charge we’re the stars




(Verse 2)

Now I’m back again, you wanna get live go grab a friend

You wanna be proud keep digging in

Dig deep if you wanna find yourself within

Keep ballin like a free throw

Can’t live life with a cheat code

Get live to the beat dirty like Reno

My girl so fine like wine that’s vino

With a lotta hard work, a little bit of skill and a fresh clean shirt

You can be ill in the future like Phil

High off life, I don’t even need a pill

You can be the dark horse like Patty Mills

Or maybe a stallion, get a gold medallion

You know I go ham, no I’m not Italian

Hate won’t phase me, the effort was valiant



(Chorus) x2


If you feel called to do something, do it

Gravitate toward it.. Relentlessly pursue it

Don’t stop. Never stop

3| no label

(Verse 1)

Got the haters sleepin on me but ya boy ain’t tempurpedic

Quit stroking your ego man, nobody wanna feed it

Good kid in the convo I can feel it getting heated

Cookin up a sweet verse, you pacman cause you eat it

People ask questions wondering just what we makin

Got the whole earth quakin, people hear us then they shakin

Used to be invisible but we no longer Clay Aiken

Now I’m building up a following, Kevin Bacon

Doin what we want we don’t care about the market

Marvel in my words, I’m about to Tony Stark it

Hopin we can make a little noise and say we charted

For now I’m undercover like I’m Leo in Departed

A lot of people think that I’m a joke in a shadow

Workin’ nonstop feelin sleepless in Seattle

Got Thomas goin (duh duh duh) on piano

Try to push the music fight the underground battle

Late night on the Internet all I see is chatter

But it doesn’t really matter cause they’ll love my music after

Just because I got faith doesn’t mean that I’m a pastor

I wonder what they’ll say once I tell em I’m an actor



Imma do it big, No Label

Imma do me, No Label

I ain’t gonna be, No Label, No Label, No Label


(Verse 2)

I rap about my soul man I rap about my life

I made a big decision but I thought about it twice

What if people hate it? Will I pay the price?

I showed some people, they said my rhymes are really nice

So I dedicated to it, I’m writin’ every night

Mmmmblockin out the haters I can focus on the right

Left behind all my doubts like I’m Nicolas Cage

Start a new story with an infinite page

Inspiration limitless I wanna bring it to the stage

We about to pop off - like a 12 gauge

We creating amazing music for you and your friends

And we keep it original we don’t copy the trends

Now we climbin up a mountain we ain’t gonna descend

I’m just bein real me I ain’t tryna pretend

Unless I’m on screen, see my name at the end

I’m the boss of myself, I got rules to bend



We just play the sounds we like

I just write the words I feel

We could do this every night

Everybody keep it real



(Chorus & Bridge interwoven)

4| made for this

(Verse 1)

Hi, I’m a very nice guy lookin like Twilight with a clay bowtie

But my lyrics so mean that I got you intrigued cause I stay so fly

Lookin like top man givin you an option you can stay you can leave

But once you press play girl I know you gonna stay, gonna stay with me

Ohhh that’s Sam Smith

I don’t really talk another language

I don’t really talk alotta money but it’s funny cause I’m lookin like I’m comin from a banquet

Ohhh that’s so true, got hair like I’m Goku, you fake like you Tofu

Awake feelin’ like no school

Almost done with No Label

Bass so loud that we shake table

At the neighbors, misbehavior, Seth Rogan’s like turn it down

Lil Jon’s like leavin town cause we turnin’ up and we make it loud

Shh.. I hear the whispers, talkin online or talkin on the low

These days I do my thing, post it out and let people know

I got a girl, my Juliet and yeah in the movies I’m Romeo

Holy flow, holy crap

Oh you said that I can’t rap?

Now you quiet hear a pen drop

Drop a pin cause we on the map



They say whatcha doin here?

We said we were made for this

Where you goin where you goin where you goin

We don’t know but we on the way


(Verse 2)

Press start once then we never stop

Never pause till the music drops

After that we press fast forward

Wait rewind that

Every line of mine’s got nine lives, play it back that’s feline rap

On the track we overlap, runnin fast like we Von Traps

Auf weidersehen, sayin goodbye to everyone who ever doubted

That inspiration Gambino, and a couple artists that’re all about it

Cookin up the verse like a veteran chef

Fileting the rest and homie I’m the only one left

 I ain’t sayin’ I’m the best I’m takin a deep breath goin   ___________

So I can finish the rest, call it cause and effect, now we cuttin the net

Not makin a lot of money but I make a lot of sense

When you hear a positive message you wanna make a difference

Shootin for the stars and you wanna make an imprint

I’m different cause I’m keepin’ it clean

Speakin for myself I ain’t ever tried lean

I chase the dream, I ain’t chasin the green

Tryin to be the artist I think that I would need


(Chorus) x2

5| it's you


I wanna live another day for you

So many words I wanna say to you

I kinda wanna run away with you

And if they ask Imma say, it’s you, it's you

It’s you (x5)


(Verse 1)

It’s been a minute since I’ve seen you, but that don’t really matter right now

We been workin’ for each other every day, sun up to sun down

Livin’ for each other even when we’re apart

Girl I know you feel it too, that’s the beat of my heart

It’s like __ __ __ __ all up in ya stereo

You been killin’ em like who? Lil terrio

All them guys sayin’ Oooooo line of Cheerios

Every time you walk by girl I be sayin’ woah

You? And me? Girl I never woulda thought

You’re worth more than anything that I ever coulda bought

More than anything that my teacher coulda taught

“No I’m not”, yes you are girl you shine like a star

An eclipse, hold the car, doin’ flips, hold the bar

And those lips, let’s just say I’m waitin’ for you after dark



They say the best things in life come free (well it’s true)

Girl I know it’s cliché but I’m talkin’ bout you

On my brain all day kinda like this tune

And what do we say?



I wanna live another day for you

So many words I wanna say to you

I kinda wanna run away with you

And if they ask Imma say, it’s you, it's you

It’s you (x5)



(Verse 2)

I said it’s you like Soulja boy, girl I’ll be your superman

Imma fly across the world to make you understand that

That you always lookin’ good, you don’t need a brand

That we can do it like Nike, that’s ironic man

I said it’s you like Miami girl you’re like a hurricane

Spinnin’ twistin’ on a mission you be drivin’ me insane

Like Ussain always runnin’ through my brain

Call me Tarzan, baby just be my Jane





6| light

(Verse 1)

Everybody wanna talk talk negative

Everybody gotta be competitive

Everybody gotta tear you down just to bring em up

Like that’s gonna benefit

Feel like life gets you down

Like you don’t compare to the world around

And it’s so cliché what I’m talkin bout

But my head is pounding and it feels so loud

Sometimes we’re so divided

No place for a silver lining

When a kid so sad he’s dying

Can’t take a breath, cause he can’t stop crying

And I’ll probly get hate for this

But sometimes you gotta take a hit

For the greater good, till we help these kids

Till we help ourselves, don’t make a slit


If you get the mentality

If you see the morality

When you see it’s reality, when you see it's reality

There ain’t no darkness that can stop us (x3)



Light, we shine, we light up the sky

No feeling like this life, so you gotta try

Just be that… (x2)



(Verse 2)

See I was spittin from the beginning but no one ever listened

When I put the pen down I knew something was missin

And my friends just laughed cause they didn’t understand

This is what I love doing this was not my plan

But I stayed with it

Whenever I felt down I just prayed with it

Got it stuck in my head and just laid with it

Believe in yourself and you’re destined for greatness and I’m not just saying this

So keep it coming man don’t stop it now

You can break outta this box and make Mom proud

You can tell your story, you can bring your crowd

Comin one by one till we scream so loud

And we all do it together, unite as one

You can bring your mother, you can bring your son

Can’t quit if you wanna be the champion

And we won’t stop now nah we’ve just begun

So whatever it is, do what you love

Keep your head held high always lookin above

That’s what I did when I wrote this song

When I felt stuck, when that road looked long

But I stand here now and my goal's in reach

So much to learn, that the teacher can’t teach

You can be from the burbs you can be from the streets

We can start a movement, we can fill these seats



Only time we got is now (x12)


(Chorus) x2

Light, we shine, we light up the sky

No feeling like this life, so you gotta try

Just be that… (x2)